Why Stanford? First, why not?

The At-Large seats were created so certain Council members could circumvent term limits and do the bidding of powerful development interests. The incumbents have racked up an "impressive" record: 

  • attempting to repeal your Homestead Property Tax Credit (which I helped stop); 

  • adopting an illegal gerrymandered Redistricting map (which I helped stop) that would have banished South Laurel and Vansville to the Bowie District but which the Court of Appeals voided; 

  • approving water and sewer for the extension of the Patuxent Green development into the floodplain;

  • approving innumerable sprawl zoning decisions contrary to Plan 2035 undermining the County tax base; 

  • approving dozens of stealth zoning laws for political friends (e.g., the Amazon distribution warehouse in Westphalia in lieu of the planned town center, a dense townhouse development at the Bowie airport that has low density zoning; and much more);  

  • Opposing my commonsense bill to encourage development to be consistent with approved Master Plan policies; 

  • approving a new zoning ordinance that marginalizes citizen participation in favor of fast-tracking overdevelopment. 

So, why Stanford? Click HERE to learn why I am so many others are Voting for Stanford Fraser.