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"Working together,

we can provide the

leadership and vision

to lead our county forward.

With independence

and integrity, we can ensure

an accountable and

transparent government

that serves all its residents."

Putting community interests ahead of special interests.


Get To Know Tom

Tom is a lifelong resident of Central Maryland. He has lived in Prince George’s County since he attended the University of Maryland in 1980. He and his wife, Lenora, have lived in West Laurel for over 30 years.

The Issues At Hand

Prince George’s County is a wonderful place to raise a family and enjoy all that the Metro Region has to offer.

However, our county faces serious challenges to reach its full potential.

I'm asking that you partner with me to deliver the representation our residents deserve.



The county has over 200 school buildings, many of which are in great need of renovation, repair and greater maintenance. School construction funds need to be focused on renovating older schools. It is unfair and unhealthy for tens of thousands of students to be placed in substandard buildings.

The county school system has been top–heavy,

but the problem has become progressively worse.

I'll prioritize education funding to the classroom

instead of administration. 


Community Enhancement

I'll work to restore funding to repave neighborhood streets and sidewalks. The county does not adequately fund these repairs, and many of our older communities are showing their age. I've advocated for more attention to this problem in the past and will focus on it again.

Property standards enforcement ebbs and flows,

and lack of enforcement creates negative community impacts. As a long-time civic leader, I understand this

and will demand that county agencies protect the

livability of our communities.


Smart Growth &
Environmental Protection

The county has been too forgiving of bad development that brings negative impacts, but not quality jobs. I'll fight to limit sprawl growth that causes traffic congestion, overcrowded schools and environmental degradation. 

Developing our Metro stations is long overdue. Every county executive talks about Metro Station development, but they have not succeeded. The county must do better in the future to balance our tax base.

I will ensure that developers pay their fair share of infrastructure costs, and that development is sustainable and environmentally responsible.


Transparent &
Open Government

I will work to ensure that the county council is more transparent and responsive to our residents.

The public should be engaged about major changes to county policy, especially changes to the Charter that take away citizens’ rights or are self-serving

to the county council. 

I will advocate to reduce the salary and other perks for county council members, including personal use of county vehicles. If elected, I will not accept

use of a county vehicle.

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